Open Thursdays 8-10pm EST
Coeurl: Lavender Beds
Ward 20, Plot 9
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Otter Ale Battered Fish and Chips

Buffalo Burger

Fae Eggs

A combination of tomato, garlic, onion, zucchini, eggplant, bell peppers and spinach

fresh caught limsan flouder, battered in our house made otter ale

Buffalo patties served with lettuce, tomato, pepperjack and cheddar cheeses

Baked eggs surrounded by sausage and breading, served with sauce

Sautéed Dodo Thighs

Dagger soup

Corned Antelope Sandwich

Dodo and Dumplings

Dodo thighs sautéed with rosemary, olive oil and cracked pepper

fresh caught limsan flounder, battered in our house made otter ale

Cured antelope with sauerkraut, chipotle mayonnaise on swirled rye bread

Dodo thighs chopped and cooked in a special broth, topped with rosemary dumplings


Otter Brew Ale

Dead Man's Rum

Imported Wines


A robust and floral ale made in house

spiced rum imported from the Ruby Coast

South Shroud Merlot, Ishgardian Pinot Grigio, Azys Lla Tempranillo

Breakfest blend, bold roast and medium roasts available

Otter Club

Reaper's Kiss

Ala Mhigan Salt Whiskey

Hot Cocoa

Raspberry grenadine, gin, lemon juice and egg blended and served on ice

You'll never know.
WARNING May kill you

Imported whiskey aged in salt barrels

Dark chocolate and mint blended with heated milk and topped with marshmallows

Lavender Lemonade

Mint Tea

La Noscean Fire Whiskey

Kugane Hana Sake

Fresh squeezed lemonade blended with lavender and topped with a lemon wedge

Jasmine tea topped with fresh sprigs of Gridanian mint

Whiskey blended with cinnamon and aged in oak barrels

A medium dry sake with a hint of sweet


Buffalo and Mushroom Pie- 500 gil

Ezzie, Owner and bard

Buffalo and Mushroom Pie- 500 gil

Xavier, Chef and Bartender

Buffalo and Mushroom Pie- 500 gil

Vilvianna, Mixoligist

Aokaze, Bartender

Luna, Bartender

Rasaya, Bartender

Felix, Bartender

Buffalo and Mushroom Pie- 500 gil

Lucatiel, Bartender

Additional Bartenders: Rainbow, Rasaya



Apple Pie


Pixieberry Cheesecake


Berry Tart


Carbuncle Sundae

Gridanian apples baked in a sugar crust

cheesecake topped with pureed pixieberry

Sour tart topped with strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries

Vanilla ice cream topped with bananas, caramel, candies and two ear shaped cookies


Blood Currant Tart


Maple Donut

Sweet tart topped with pureed blood currant, oranges and lemon

sour cream donuts topped with maple glaze with optional bacon topping

The Dueling Otters Menu



Otter Ale


lavender lemonade


Dueling Otters Whiskey
(Distilled in house)



Salted Pretzels


Chips and Cheese

Buffalo and Mushroom Pie- 500 gil

Sparring Rules are as follows:
1) We are having fun! No attempts at killing or maiming!
2) First to 3 hits wins!
3) Grindstone Style combat, meaning /random rolls for attacking and blocking. The two combatants will roll to see who goes first, that being highest number, and then the winner will start combat by writing out their attack, roll for said attack while the defender rolls as well, and then the defender will write out an appropriate defense or hit depending on the dice, and so on and so forth.
Challenger Night Rules are as follows:
1) We are still having fun! No attempts at killing or maiming!
2) Grindstone Style Combat (See above)
3) To win, the challenger must land 5 hits on the target instead of 3 to win. However, the challenger will still lose if they are hit 3 times.